Buying-selling contracts

  • supply framework
  • sale of a business
  • sale of equity in a joint-stock (SA) company
  • transfer of knowhow
  • transfer of trademark
  • patent exploitation license
  • confidentiality



Work contract

  • for printed publication
  • for development of software, ceding of its use, technical support and maintenance thereof
  • for provision of cleaning services
  • for elevator inspection, maintenance and repair
  • for product packaging


Service contracts

  • for the provision of advertising services
  • for the provision of security services
  • for sponsorship/ sports sponsorship
  • for mortgage
  • for insurance brokerage
  • for the provision of independent services
  • for the provision of services as a member of the Board of Directors of an SA company
  • assigning a company’s management/ administration
  • assigning product promotion/ marketing
  • for the provision of investment services
  • mediation to locate and indicate clients
  • for the provision of realtor services for the sale of real estate


Agency – distribution contracts

  • for agency
  • for franchise
  • for exclusive commercial representation
  • for exclusive distribution