Our law firm has a network of associates of various professions and specialties, with whom we have worked for a long time, it is our absolute trust and we can bring you in contact to process your case, always under our supervision. Particularly:

  • experienced lawyers throughout the country
  • bailiffs
  • notaries
  • renowned doctors of all specialties (especially for cases of traffic and occupational accidents)
  • forensic experts, technical consultants, damage assessors
  • civil engineers, architects, surveyors
  • brokers
  • accountants – tax experts
  • translators
  • graphologists
  • mediators

Our primary goal is the best possible result for our client, providing reliable and guaranteed support through our network.

Special scientific support from the respected lawyer of Athens Fotis Kremmidas and the emeritus professor of the Law School of Athens Filippos Dori of the law firm “F. Kremmidas -F. Doris and Partners”.